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New conversion tubes for attaching self-cleaning strainers to Sure-Flo foot valves
The seat ring conversion tube makes it possible to use any Sure-Flo foot valve with a self-cleaning strainer. Rugged one piece aluminum casting makes it simple to attach. Available in 4, 6, 8, and 10 inch sizes. More info available here.



New parts breakdown available for self-cleaning strainers available here.

Extra Large Strainers for 10" and 8" PVC Pipe
Now SURE-FLO offers even larger strainers for 10” and 8" PVC pipe.

The SPVC10XL and SPVC8XL have a screen diameter of 22” and are 36” long.

They're available with several screen hole size options (1/8”, 1/4", 1/2", and 1”). These strainer’s extra large open area make them ideal for pre-screening water pumped from wet wells.


Stainless steel screens for J-Series foot valves and strainers now available with 1/8" perforations.
These 1/8" perforated screens are made of a 304 alloy which provides excellent strength and corrosion resistance.

Din flange adapter for Sure-Flo self-cleaning strainers
The new DIN flange connector makes it easy to attach Sure-Flo self-cleaning strainers to DIN suction lines. Available with a 4" DIN flange or 6" DIN flange. Sure-Flo also manufactures DIN flanged foot valves for use with Sure-Flo self-cleaning strainers (available in 3" DIN thru 10" DIN).


New Sure-Flo Self-Cleaning Strainer Video

The PLS3 is a threaded strainer with a very large open area and a slide to keep it off the bottom. It can be ordered with or without a Sure-Flo foot valve. It is an ideal strainer for a small drip system. The screen is .080" thick and has 1/8" holes (providing 197 open inches of screen area).

This is the latest addition to the PLS family of Sure-Flo strainers (Ponds, Lakes, and Streams). The PLS 2-OS is a 2" female threaded strainer that provides an extremely large open area of 193 square inches. The through screen velocity is very low with this strainer. For example, the through screen velocity at 50 gpm is only .08 fps. The small hole size (.075") also makes it a great choice for many intake applications.

It is shown with a 2" threaded PVC check valve (not provided). This makes an ideal combination for a small pump intake.

Wet Well Inlet Adapter
The adapter is designed to attach a Sure-Flo self-cleaning strainer to the inlet pipe of a wet well. It can be used with large diameter PVC pipe, corrugated aluminum pipe, or corrugated steel pipe. The adapter will connect either to the inside of the inlet pipe or to the outside (depending on the inlet pipe’s size). The flange portion of the adapter will be large enough to seal off the inlet pipe’s end. Installation is quickly made, by adjusting eight bolts with locking nuts, which centers and secures the adapter in place. The Sure-Flo self-cleaner is then inserted and attached to the companion flange socket on the end of the adapter.

Link to printable PDF file

Foot valve- Strainer combinations
Foot valves with a slide are available in 4", 6", and 8" sizes. Valves are connected to larger intake strainers (pictured above is a 6" foot valve combined with an 8" intake strainer). This provides a slide with a large surface area and significantly more screen open area.

Stainless screens for foot valves
Sure-Flo foot valves are now available with stainless steel screens (3" through 10"). These ¼" perforated screens are made of a 304 alloy which provides excellent strength and corrosion resistance. Now you can order Sure-Flo foot valves that have stainless steel screens and stainless steel nuts and bolts.

PLS2 Strainer
Ideal for Ponds, Lakes, and Streams

  • Large open area (88 square inches) provides very low through screen velocity.
  • Small hole size (.075 inch openings)
  • High density polyethylene slide holds strainer off the bottom, allowing flow through entire screen.
  • A 2" female NPT for attachment to a suction line or foot valve.
  • Epoxy coated aluminum screen
  • Cast aluminum ends
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Screen diameter- 6"
  • Screen length- 8.75"

PLS3 Now Available
PDF File

Aluminum Tee For 3" and 4" Self-Cleaning Strainers

Sure-Flo provides the foot valve with tee, tee cap, and self-cleaning strainer.

    Self-cleaning strainer tee on PVC stand.

An aluminum tee welded to the bottom of a foot valve will support the end of a 3" or 4" suction line. When the tee rests on a stand made with 8" PVC pipe the SCS3 or SCS4 self-cleaning strainers are 4 1/2" off the bottom and will operate in 17" of water. The PVC end cap for the tee can be located at either end of the tee. It's simple, long lasting, and easy to install. The stand requires no welding, just cutting and bolting PVC pipe together.

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  Stainless Screens now available for J Series Foot valves and Strainers
13.5" diameter
18" height
1/4" holes
16 gauge
304 stainless alloy


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